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Insofta Cover Commander v3.1.2 | 4.65 MB

Insofta Cover Commander allows you to create professional virtual boxes, books, DVD-boxes, manuals, CD-drives, screenshots. Just a few mouse clicks, all you need to carry out this work. Exhaustive set of lighting, camera, shadows, reflections allow you to create an image of any complexity and see the finished result in real time in the preview window. New project creation wizard does all the “dirty” work for you, so you can concentrate on the content of your project.

No matter what you sell in a box, unless it has a captivating image, potential customers do not appreciate. Cover Commander offers an easy and fast way to create a seductive image, and unlike other products of its kind, contains a number of objects in 3D to begin our work with them.The most common of a designer is to create an image of a box cover of a manual, DVD, CD, electronic filing, etc.., That is attractive to customers. This is a really long, the images are not perfect, have resolution limitations, and it is necessary to use expensive programs to achieve a professional product. Insofta Cover Commander v3.1.2 arrives to simplify any process of creating images without the need for specific hardware 3D acceleration. It includes a wizard that allows you to create an image in a few steps. The creation process is highly customizable and contains a set of preconfigured you avoid considerable effort.

You can start with a basic model with a box containing a CD, a book, a manual, a DVD, a screenshot in 3D, etc.. Then you can choose the pictures you want to put inside the 3D objects, add effects and camera, lights, shadows and reflections. The resulting image can be exported to a wide range of formats, including PNG with alpha-channel. Does this sound too simple? therefore believe, is as easy as this excellent program gives you the ability to create images for your products.


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  • You can get the final image packing in a few mouse clicks.
  • Built-in wizard will take the routine and allow you to focus on the artistic details of the package.
  • Ability to save the final image with a transparent background and use it in a complex design of the site or publication.
  • Ability to save the settings of light, camera, shadows, reflections with a unique name and use the saved template in other projects.
  • You can set the size and margins in the final image.
  • The program does not require a 3D-accelerator for rendering 3D-models.

Requirement:  Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 (32\64)

Site: http://www.insofta.com


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